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Acta Economica is the scientific journal of the Faculty of Economics, University of Banja Luka, which was launched in 2002, and twice a year it publishes papers from all disciplines that are studied at the undergraduate and graduate studies, and it also follows current events in the field of economic sciences.

The journal publishes papers in Serbian language and in leading foreign languages. Empirical researches and theoretical analyses are equally important and they will be published if, in the opinion of the reviewers and editors, they meet the standards of the journal.

In January 2010, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska completed ratings of all scientific and professional journals in the Republic of Srpska. At that time, Faculty of Economics journal Acta Economica got the character of scientific journal of national importance.  However, in the re-ranking of scientific journals by the Ministry of Science and Technology from 31th of January 2014, Acta Economica has been ranked as the first journal in the field of economics (and the first on the list at all). Therefore, now Acta Economica has the character of the leading scientific journals of national importance according to Section 19th, Paragraph 4th of the Rulebook on publication of scientific publications. 

Since December 2010 "Acta Economica" has its own web site